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Awesome Wrap Sandwich Franchise


Great Wraps Sandwich Franchise

So you’ve finally decided to pursue a franchise…. or you’re looking to expand into your next franchise business. The statistics clearly show that going with a franchise will dramatically improve your success rate and profitability, and isn’t THAT what it’s all about! But the real key to success is finding a franchise that offers products people truly want. Well, you just found that in Great Wraps! Great Wraps is a sandwich franchise that is taking the entire sandwich category to the next level.




Customers tell us all the time that they never expected to taste something so bold and special from a sandwich franchise. That’s probably because when they think of a “franchise” they’re picturing that “yesterday’s news” fast food franchise they grew up with, OR that cookie-cutter sub franchise that’s popped up on every corner. Perhaps the thought of opening just another “me-too” food franchise leaves you feeling empty as well.

Great Wraps Sandwich Franchise opportunities

But Great Wraps is a sandwich franchise that is so bold, so unique and high-quality, that it will make you proud to bring something this good to your market. That’s how our Great Wraps Franchisees feel.

They share a tremendous passion to serve tasty, unique & cutting-edge wrap sandwiches that folks recognize as better and healthier than all the fast food and “bread’y” sub sandwich options out there. That offers our Franchisees a powerful motivation to come in every day and power their franchise business to greater success. Isn’t that the type of franchise opportunity you’ve always dreamed of?

So, surf the Site for franchise opportunities with Great Wraps. It’s a sandwich franchise you’ll be proud to own.







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