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Powerful Wrap & Sandwich Menu

Great Wraps’ “Break-the-Mold” hot sandwich menu provides a powerful business foundation. You see, customers everywhere are looking for tastier, healthier and just BETTER food options than all the generic fast food out there. When you bring a unique food Franchise to your market that’s this good, you’re gonna turn heads.

Our signature line of Famous Hot Wraps & Amazing Sandwiches simply blows the lid off of generic subs and everyday sandwiches. Each Sandwich is filled with unique, hot combinations, fresh produce and special sauces……that customers can customize to be as indulgent or healthy as they want to be. Then, to send the taste experience further off-the-chart, the entire sandwich is GRILLED. Your customers will simply not believe their taste buds. This is quality you’ll be proud to serve.

Great Wraps’ Pita Classics will strengthen your menu further, separating you from the run-of-the-mill sub & sandwich competitors. We start out with our delicious, grilled Pita Bread, and then fold in hot meats, melted cheeses, the freshest produce and our special sauces. We’re talking about unique and hot flavor combinations that customers will crave and come back for.

And your customers will rave over our unforgettable Idaho Kurly Fries. Not only are these the best fries anywhere and trans-fat FREE, but customers can actually custom-flavor their Fries at the Great Wraps Spice Bar™. These proprietary flavors are so good, many customers mix together two or more spices to create their own one-of-a-kind experience. Great Wraps is the first Brand to offer anything like this, providing more value to your store.

Sometimes, customers are simply in the mood for a Big Fresh Salad, and your Great Wraps will make ‘em happy. Our salad recipes are creative and bountiful…..and as always, customers can customize them to fit their mood.

Our Frozen Smoothies are delicious and refreshing and our Smoothie program provides our Franchisees with another way to generate additional sales and profits.

Catering is one of the easiest ways to make money, and no one does it better than Great Wraps! Our turn-key Catering program will make you an immediate hit with sales representatives, office managers and civic groups in your area.






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