Our Promise



Our "Live Life Greatly" Philosophy

At Great Wraps, we don’t believe in compromise. Our delicious, always hot & fresh menu gives you the power to be as healthy as you want to be. Feel good about making healthful choices without compromising on flavor. Or, indulge in our bold, hearty, flavorful options when you want to crush that craving. Regardless of your food mood, we’ll always serve it up just how you want it, fast and convenient. After all, life can be complicated, but enjoying great food while passing through the airport, or the mall, doesn’t have to be. That’s how you “Live Life Greatly”.

Great Wraps History

In 1989 we launched Great Wraps to lead a major paradigm shift in American dining – the shift to high quality wrapped sandwiches. That market wanted flavor, health, quality ingredients – all priced affordably and made to eat on-the-run. We also saw that guests wanted a more upscale dining experience, so we began creating a store atmosphere that was as unique as our menu. Around that time, a few other brands had the same idea and a new dining segment called “Fast Casual” started taking shape. Fast forward to today, Great Wraps is now a leading, proven food brand in airports, upscale malls, and streetside. And we’re just getting started.

Guest Service

Whether dining-in or getting a meal to-go, we are confident that both our food and our customer service will make your experience great. Not only do we prioritize your satisfaction at our stores, but we also love to give back to our communities by partnering with local organizations.


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Life at Great Wraps is all about flavor. Note: that says flavor, not fads. We know there’s a lot of marketing power behind the latest fat-free-this and low-carb-that, but we’d much rather tell you what’s in our food than what’s not. From our handmade sauces and house-prepped ingredients to our amazing Flavor Bar and unique sides, you’ll always have fresh, real food options.


At Great Wraps, we know you care a lot about the food you eat, and so do we! That’s why we promise to make each and every bite awesome. We deliver the freshest ingredients that are made to order and designed to your liking every time… because that’s what being great is all about.


Whether dining in or getting a meal to-go, we are confident that both our food and our service will keep you coming back. Not only does Great Wraps provide top-notch service in our stores, but we also love to give back by keeping it local and partnering with nearby charity groups.


We understand the value of staying connected no matter what your technological preference. That’s why our social media team constantly updates Facebook, shares Tweets on Twitter, posts tips and tricks on Pinterest, provides laughs on YouTube and blogs to keep you “IN-THE-KNOW”. You can also visit our “PERKS” page to join our email list. Want to connect? Click on “TALK TO US” at the top of our website to learn how!


We love that you love our food, but we also get that we’re not the only part of your busy schedule. Doing a little back-to-school shopping? Flying to Hawaii for vacation? Grab a wrap to go from one of our airport locations. Need some fuel for your last-minute cram session before the big exam? Yep, we’re on college campuses. Stuck in the office and have a big meeting coming up? Great Wraps caters, so why don’t you order in? Your bosses will love you, and so will we.